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I like to play around with the Far Cry 4 & 5 Map Editor.

General Far Cry Troubleshooting

Having issues with a Far Cry game? Try the following: Also, in general:

Far Cry Arcade Map Editor on PC:

If you're having problems getting an older Far Cry game to start:

Steve64b's Far Cry Editor/modding related topics

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 5 / Arcade

Far Cry 5 uses yet again a different dat/fat packing scheme, but the rest of the modding procedure should be familiar for other Far Cry modders.

Using mods, I have crafted a couple of maps containing scripts and otherwise inaccessible objects. These were ported to console, so players can get a taste of mods. Use the following maps as a base for your map:

I develop these projects in my spare time, for fun, and I offer them to you for free.
The development process takes some time, and if you feel like helping me keep awake at night, you can get me a coffee. :)

Feel free to send me a PM on The Far Cry Modding forum, Facebook or Reddit.

DISCLAIMER: This site and my projects are not supported nor endorsed by Ubisoft. Projects are provided 'AS-IS' and are subject to change.